/ Case Study: Celestion

Case Study: Celestion

Tom Riglar

Learn how App Sapiens helped Celestion showcase their loudspeaker prowess.


Wed Jan 27 2021 - 2 min read

Founded in 1924


We were initially approached by Ken Weller, head of marketing at Celestion, a British loudspeaker manufacturer founded in 1924.

Celestion's R&D team are leading experts in the science of designing horns - an important loudspeaker component that distributes audio created by the driver.

Their algorithm can produce an accurate design in seconds. A process that usually takes a qualified engineer weeks of research.

A visual representation of a speaker horn 


Celestion needed a way to showcase their expertise in this area and generate leads from prospective buyers of loudspeaker components.

They wanted a solution that:

  • Appealed to engineers working for loudspeaker companies
  • Could run their algorithm automatically
  • Worked for both desktops and mobiles
  • Had a strong visual element to showcase the algorithm's output
  • Had enough technical detail to interest prospects


Morrow designed and built "HornWizard" - a progressive web app that takes the user through the horn design process and shows them a 3D model of the result.

As well as providing an intuitive graphical interface, the app also features:

  • a user-friendly onboarding process
  • account system with registration and login
  • the ability to review previous designs
  • an FAQ section explaining key concepts

Click here to see HornWizard for yourself  →


Morrow utilised several innovative technologies to quickly design and build out the solution.

  • We used Loom and Adobe XD to iterate on the design and get client feedback quickly
  • The Horn Design algorithm was run via a C binary in AWS Lambda
  • The visual horn was mapped to a custom build Three.js model
  • The frontend was written in React with TypeScript
  • Netlify Identity was used for authentication and user account management
  • Netlify Functions were used for backend communication to the database
  • MongoDB Atlas was used to host data and feed analytics

Most services were utilised inside their free tiers, so ongoing costs are minimal. Apart from MongoDB, everything is completely scalable.

Morrow are an official Netlify Partner


Feedback has been fantastic, both from the client and the wider loudspeaker community. The team at Celestion are even using data from the app to help drive their product decisions.

They genuinely listened to what we said and came back with appropriate sensible solutions. - Ken Weller, Head of Marketing at Celestion

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