/ Meet Ed - Morrow's new UX/UI Designer

Meet Ed - Morrow's new UX/UI Designer

Monika Killer


Thu Oct 28 2021 - 2 min read

Hi Ed, welcome to Morrow!

Please could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Glad to be aboard! I’m a User Experience/User Interface designer, currently living in Cheltenham. I’m 31, I use he/they pronouns, and I’m originally from South London.

So you’re one week in, how has it been so far?

The team has been very welcoming. :~) I’ve been glad to get to work immediately, but there’s no pressure and I can move at my own pace, which I find very reassuring.

What was your primary motivation for joining Morrow?

I was attracted in the job description to the fully flexible working-from-home setup that Morrow provides. Additionally, when I interviewed, I was asked to work on a real brief for an upcoming project. I felt this showed a level of mutual trust and respect.

What do you bring to the team in terms of skills and traits?

I’m the first UX/UI designer Morrow has brought aboard. My work involves ideating, testing and fine-tuning the design of Morrow’s apps to make sure they’re as effective and accessible to new users as possible.

What’s your favourite app and why?

It’s hard to choose, but I’m a big fan of Pocket - a service for saving articles from the web to read through later. The way the app reformats articles to make them more accessible appeals to me.

What’s your home working setup like? Any tips?

My best advice is, if you’re new to home working (or coming back to it) - give yourself plenty of time to work out your most comfortable daily routine. And keep the kettle handy, natch.

How do you like to spend time outside of work?

I co-run a small illustration business with my partner and I’m a volunteer activist for the Green Party in Cheltenham. Apart from that, I like to experiment with different hobbies and projects. For instance, while on furlough between Jan-March this year, I dug up an old instruction book from my childhood, Chris McGowan’s “How To Build A Dinosaur Out Of Chicken Bones”. The resulting Brontosaurus is now a fixture of my home office and stands proud on my desk.

Ed's furlough project - Brontosaurus made of chicken bones.

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