/ Morrow - the new name for App Sapiens

Morrow - the new name for App Sapiens

Tom Riglar

Morrow CEO Tom Riglar talks about the new name.


Thu Aug 26 2021 - 2 min read

The past

In early spring 2019, Charles and I both read the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

We were inspired by Harari's message of human progress and when it came to naming our new venture: App Sapiens was our top choice.

We're not brand consultants or naming experts. We didn't go through a structured process. We just thought up some names in the pub and agreed on one we liked.

If I remember correctly, Charles came up with the Sapiens bit and I added the App bit.

Charles and I with branded t-shirts (late 2019)

To name some issues

Our community has grown to love our name. But it's a name with a few niggles and sooner or later, we needed to contend with them.

It's difficult to trademark, pronounced inconsistently (sap-iens vs sape-iens) and tricky to spell over the phone.

To make things worse, some of the work we do falls outside of the word "app".

The clincher was that we wanted a name that said more about our clients than it did about us.

Morrow - a name for the future

Our new logo

Morrow is an old English word for tomorrow. See you on the morrow being a common example of usage.

Our new name reflects our mission. A mission to ensure our clients thrive in a digital future.

It also reflects our expertise. We are experts in the technology that will build the morrow.

Most importantly, our name reflects where we take our clients. Through our vision and expertise, our clients really will define the morrow.

We hope you love our new name as much as we do. Wishing you the best from the whole team.

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