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Say Hello to Yusuf — our Junior Developer

Tom Riglar

In this post App Sapiens’ CEO Tom Riglar chats with newly joined team member Yusuf Chowdhury.


Thu Nov 05 2020 - 4 min read

In this post Morrow CEO Tom Riglar chats with newly joined team member Yusuf Chowdhury.

Hi Yusuf, welcome to Morrow! Please could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, I’m Yusuf, a Junior Developer at Morrow. Born and raised in the city of Manchester, and still living here.

I am currently studying towards the final year of my degree in BSc Computer Science whilst working part-time at Morrow.

So you are one week in, how’s it been so far?

The first week has been all about one thing: learning. I’ve been getting to grips with the new technologies I’ll be working with for the next few weeks, and also the dynamic and culture of the company as a whole.

I attended a virtual social to meet the team and learn more about the team. Despite working remotely, I feel a true sense of belonging to the team through frequent communication with everyone!

What was your primary motivation for joining Morrow?

After discussing Morrow with Tom, the CEO, the company sounded like they were working with technology which interested me, and had a working culture which fit my lifestyle as a student.

The opportunity to gain some industry experience sounded really exciting, and I am grateful to be taking my first steps in the Software Development world with Morrow.

What do you bring to the team in terms of skills and traits?

As a keen learner, I’m able to motivate myself to learn new things in order to gain the knowledge I need for my work. This will help me as I get started with any projects here at Morrow.

I’m also able to bring my skills in teamwork and communication from a busy retail environment to ensure the success of the work I’m able to carry out here and as a result, help contribute to the success and growth of the company!

What’s your favourite app and why?

I recently took up running to help keep fit whilst working from home, and I instantly needed an app to help track my runs.

One that I’ve been using is Nike Running Club. The app responds very quickly, and has some nice transitions between sections of the app.

It provides me with insights into my runs, allowing for me to track any progress and figure out ways I could improve my running.

There’s also little achievements for breaking personal records — I feel like I’m playing a video game! The app as a whole is designed really well and is easy to use, so I’ll certainly keep using it.

What’s your homeworking setup like? Any tips?

I use a 25’ ultrawide monitor for the majority of my work, with my laptop serving as a second screen for anything such as any websites I’m testing, or documentation I may be reading. Below are some of my tips for working from home:

  • Stay hydrated with water! I tend to have a few bottles of water in rotation from my fridge so I always have a cold bottle of water at my desk.
  • Keep the working space clean: Cleaning my environment frequently helps me stay positive and focused.
  • Take walks: Once I finish some work with Morrow and need to transition over to my degree, I take a quick walk to break my day up. Getting out also helps with my mental health.
  • Invest in a good chair: I recently bought a new ergonomic chair to support my back, and I highly recommend anyone to do the same if they’re always at their desk! Working never felt so comfortable!

How do you like to spend time outside of work?

When I’m not developing with Morrow or studying for my degree, I like blogging about my experiences as a student and developer on various social media platforms, as it helps me connect with like-minded people.

I enjoy unwinding with a good book, podcast or Netflix series — it depends on how I’m feeling!

One of the books I’ve been enjoying is, (brace yourself for this mouthful), Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters, a book helping me with my self-development.

I also like trips to coffee shops to indulge in a good Caramel Latte, whilst trying to increase my knowledge of a new area of software development or self development.

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